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About Brittany

I am a New York City licensed psychotherapist and Social Worker, specialized in trauma.

I have experience working as a psychotherapist in a variety of different settings, ranging from: substance abuse facilities, inpatient psychiatric hospitals, sexual assault/domestic violence organizations, middle/high schools, mental health clinics, private practice and I am an ABA therapist for children ages 0-3 with autism. 

Therapy With Me

Clients have told me I have a caring, supportive demeanor and make therapy a safe and comfortable space during session. I focus on purposeful client interactions while supporting clients through troubling times.

Some of my specialties include: anxiety, depression, mania, PTSD, professional and personal relationship problems, sexual intimacy issues, LGBTQIA issues, and life transitions.

My Approach

I believe each client is unique and their treatment should be as well.  Therefore, I use an integrative approach to therapy, utilizing different techniques depending on each client’s individual needs.  

Some approaches I use range from:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)- I assist clients in replacing dysfunctional thinking with positive, reinforcing thoughts, in order for more functional behaviors to develop.

The Strengths Perspective- I focus on emphasizing the strengths the client has instead of focusing on negative aspects of a situation. We work together for the client to understand how to utilize their strengths and create more ease when faced with life challenges.

A Client Centered Approach- I allow the client to direct the discussion and to see and feel  genuine empathy from the me. This encourages the client in taking back control. I assist the client in building the confidence to take back ownership of their life and their choices.

Psychoanalytical approach- I assist clients in discovering the underlying, subconscious route and meaning of problem behaviors and thinking patterns in order change them.

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